This BETA tool allows you to download the raw economic impact data for any geography we study. After running the report the website will provide a csv file containing information selected. At this time there is only support for individual geographies, if you need a batch file of multiple locations please contact us using the link below.

Step: 1

In "Step: 1" You must make a geography selection. If you select new geographies i.e. changing from State to County; the server will request a new list of applicable locations and populate "Step 2". If you do not select a geography, the tool will not populate a data file.

Step: 2

In "Step: 2" You must make a location selection. This list is dependent on your choice in "Step 1". If you do not select a location, the tool will not populate a data file.

After selecting a location the year fields will populate with the oldest year available. Please select the time period you wish to download for both the "Start Year" and "End Year" boxes.

Step: 3

In "Step: 3" You make a report selection. This will determine which data sets will be included in the downloaded file. At this time only one selection can be made at a time. If you wish to download all information relevant to the location selected, please use the "ALL" choice. The data will come preformatted for use in any analysis software.

After all selections are made click "Run Report" to receive your file.